Versatile lighting control

The new, versatile Metro One Ten Solo lighting control module from Delmatic not only offers fast and cost-effective compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations; it also has the capacity to be upgraded to provide full addressable control. As such, it offers a high level of flexibility for building operators to meet their lighting control needs now and into the future.

Even in its simplest configuration, Metro One Ten Solo offers powerful lighting control for a wide range of applications. Control parameters include presence detection with corridor holding function, emergency test, daylight linking and local switching with 1-10V or DALI dimming options. Each Solo unit has two input ports for local switches and two input ports for presence detectors and multi-sensors combining presence detection with daylight linking. Outputs include 10 two-pin dimming ports and 10 four-pin switching ports.

Where Solo differs from other products on the market is its ability to be quickly and easily upgraded to provide dimming – or to a full Metro One Ten addressable system plus maybe monitoring of emergency lighting, simply by inserting a capsule.

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