Versatile energy recovery system

New from Fläkt Woods is an upgraded Econet energy recovery system, with changes that have made it 70-75% efficient (50% more efficient than plate heat exchangers) and more versatile than any HVAC system currently available.
The difference between a system with 50% and 75% efficient energy recovery device is a reduction in life cycle costing by 40%. This is why it is essential to have a high efficiency energy recovery system like Econet.

Econet integrates energy recovery, heating and cooling into one set of coils, so components, such as heating/cooling coils, pumps, valves, piping and insulation, are no longer required. This brings significant cost savings as well as a reduced footprint. Advanced Econet also optimises the energy recovery using a new pre programmed control system, which constantly ensures the minimum amount of energy is used to meet the air requirements.

Space savings and improved functionality has been achieved by synchronising all the controls in one unit, a new controller constantly calculates energy recovery and heating and cooling powers. The improved Econet features more flexible communication capabilities, and with remote functionality.

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