Venture light Fort Dunlop

Venture Lighting’s metal halide lamps are being used in the entrance and car park for the reinvention of the famous Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. Formerly a tyre warehouse, Fort Dunlop has become the latest in a growing number of industrial sites being converted to retail and multi purpose use.
Although the site has been derelict since the 1980’s, it now boasts 45,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space, the UK’s largest green roof, cafes, bar, independent retail area and 1,100 parking spaces. Delivered by award-winning developer, Urban Splash, the complex offers design-led office space from 1,000 to 50,000sq ft and a 100-bedroom hotel.

A combination of Venture’s 400W, tubular, quartz metal halide and 150W double ended, UV shielded quartz metal halide lamps have been incorporated into Kingfisher Lighting’s Stellar 1 and Stellar 2 fittings. The Stellar luminaries, were installed by Mitie Group plc in the external display and car parking areas, to provide good colour rendering and eliminate light pollution. The combination of Venture’s metal halide lamps and Kingfisher’s Stellar fittings has resulted in high illumination levels whilst meeting the stringent light pollution criteria.

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