Venture launch new range

Metal Halide lighting specialist, Venture Lighting Europe, has launched the Ceramic Master-PLUS range. Using the latest developments in slip cast, single piece, arc tube technology, these robust ceramic lamps provide an unbeatable combination in terms of both performance and reliability.

Consuming less energy than their halogen equivalents and reduced heat emissions, the ceramic lamps deliver up to 100 lumens per watt to provide a clean and even white light. The excellent colour rendering qualities of Venture’s Ceramic Master-PLUS makes them perfect for interior applications where the light can enhance the colour, features and textures on display.

Venture’s Master-PLUS now offers a 20W lamp option and provides an increased lamp life of up to 18,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Venture has also introduced, as part of the range, an E27 elliptical lamp option.

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