Venture improves lighting

The recent upgrading from a sodium light source to Venture Lighting’s Pulse Start metal halide lamps and Ventronic Dimming system, has resulted in significant improvements in the quality of lighting in RS Components main distribution headquarters in Corby, Northamptonshire.
RS Components can expect to enjoy a massive 90% of the initial lumens after 10,000 hours of lamp operation, whilst running costs will be half that of a conventional 400W installation. Another benefit for RS Components is that the luminaires use only 87% power when in full operation due to the economy mode setting of the Ventronic System.

The original lighting system was approximately 25 years old and used traditional high bay luminaires with 400W sodium lamps. Constant lamp and control gear failure and dull light prompted RS Components Engineering Dept to issue a design brief to its preferred electrical contractor Elmac Engineering, who provided a solution to the problems along with major energy savings.

Elmac, working in conjunction with electrical wholesaler Wydels Limited, produced a concept lighting scheme to provide 250 lux average on the horizontal plane and 350 lux on the vertical plane using luminaires at a 15m mounting height. The project design also included a total of 20 narrow microwave detectors to provide a trigger input to the proposed dimming ballasts.

Profile 2000 Ltd was then contacted to assist in the manufacture of the luminaires by sourcing the appropriate lamp gear combination for the chosen high bays. As a result all parties agreed to specify the Venture high output Pulse Start lamps connected to bespoke gear trays, with Ventronic ballasts mounted nearby.

Venture’s Pulse Start lamps produce a white light with excellent colour uniformity and improved optical accuracy. The lamps are used in conjunction with a protective glass lens cover to the spun aluminium reflectors.

A total of 94 new high bay luminaires have been installed in the large item stores warehouse which has 10 aisles. The selection of goods from these aisles varies dramatically from day to day and, as such, the microwave detectors monitor movement of the transit vehicle down the aisles. The system is set so that the luminaires operate at only 50% power mode when the aisle is unoccupied. Activation of the microwave detector sends a signal to the Ventronic ballast white wire and the lamp is activated to full brightness within two seconds. This has resulted in power reduction from a static 41.4 kW sodium load, to a 18.8kw metal halide load when in maximum saving mode.

Ventronic is an innovative dimmable electronic ballast from Venture for High Wattage HID light sources that allows optimum energy efficiency through daylight linking, timer, or occupancy sensors, as well as a number of additional advanced features that improve performance and lamp life.

With Ventronic, users of HID lighting are able to achieve the energy saving and performance benefits traditionally associated with fluorescent lighting. Ventronic allows lamps to be dimmed in response to natural daylight levels manually, or automatically through light sensors or at pre-programmed times. It can also be linked to PIR sensors to link lamp operation to occupancy.

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