Vent-Axia’s Triple Award Shortlisting Recognises the Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Recognising the vital importance of breathing clean air in our homes, the H&V News Awards has shortlisted leading British ventilation manufacturer, Vent-Axia, within two categories in its 2018 awards. As well as being named as a double finalist in the Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year category with its Pure Air Filtration System and its PoziDry ProTM Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit, the company’s PoziDry ProTM unit has also reached the final in the Air Movement of the Year category.

Both the Vent-Axia Pure Air and the PoziDry ProTM address current concerns about indoor air quality and have been designed specifically to improve the air in the home while setting the benchmark for filtration by filtering out damaging particles down to PM2.5. The dangers of air pollution continue to make headlines in the UK press with the latest research from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) revealing that fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is now a major health concern in our towns and cities.  As a result it is essential that there are ventilation solutions to protect occupants in their homes.

“At Vent-Axia we are committed to improving public health and developing solutions which help address indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. With PM2.5 and other pollutants posing a serious threat to the nation’s wellbeing, offering products that include high level filtration is a major step towards tackling this issue” said Ian Mitchell, Product Marketing Manager, New Build Residential at Vent-Axia. “We are thrilled to be named as a double finalist in these prestigious awards and to have the Pure Air and PoziDry ProTM recognised by the industry.”

Vent-Axia has set the benchmark for high-level filtration with its Vent-Axia Pure Air filtration system, designed to be used in conjunction with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Demand Energy Recovery (D-ERV) systems. MVHR and D-ERV systems extract harmful pollutants and filter the air coming into a building, taking out airborne bacteria and dangerous contaminants. The Pure Air filter then goes one step further to improve IAQ. It is fitted to the intake airflow and incorporates two types of filtration—activated carbon and G4/F7 particulate filters to achieve even higher levels of filtration. G4 filters can remove up to 90% of the PM10 particles in the air, including some bacteria, most pollens and many types of industrial dust. Meanwhile, the finer F7 filters are ideal for inner city areas with heavy traffic since they remove up to 80% of the tiny PM2.5 particles, this includes fine diesel particulates. By removing these pollutants from the outside air being brought into a building, Vent-Axia Pure Air improves IAQ and so offers a healthier indoor environment.


Meanwhile, the PoziDry ProTM PIV unit is designed to improve IAQ in social housing properties. It prevents moisture build-up within the home, effectively combatting mould and condensation, and features unique filter choices making improving IAQ easy. The PoziDry Pro has a G4 filter as standard to ensure air coming into the property does not contain pollens or other similar particulates, and the option of F7 filters which can filter down to PM2.5. The filters are high quality, easy to change and washable allowing the landlord or tenant to easily replace the filters. Boasting Smart Sense™ intelligent technology, the PoziDry Pro TM provides data via an intuitive interface to communicate the fan’s energy performance whilst its datalogger records a number of different factors including length of time spent on each speed. This helps to identify properties with high humidity as they spend longer on higher speeds. The datalogger can also show remaining filter life.

Operating by drawing in fresh air via the loft from outside, PoziDry Pro TM filters all incoming air before gently introducing it into the habitable areas of the property. The diffuser directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The system provides fresh, tempered air that is drier than the inside air, so creates a healthy indoor environment helping to avoid condensation and mould, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building.

The winners of the H&V News Awards will be announced on Thursday 19th April 2018 at a glittering ceremony held at Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London. As the longest-running and most celebrated awards, the H&V News Awards have firmly established themselves as the Oscars for the building services industry. For more information on the awards and details of how to book tickets, visit

For further information on the Pure Air or PoziDry Pro TM, as well as other products and services offered by Vent-Axia, visit or telephone 0844 856 0590.

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