Vaillant makes commercial sense

Renowned for innovation and quality engineering, Vaillant is recognised as the UK’s leading manufacturer of domestic heating solutions.  However, Vaillant also offers a range of high efficiency commercial system boilers.  Both the ecoTEC 46 and ecoTEC 65 are high efficiency, SEDBUK ‘A’ rated appliances, which produce a heating output of up to 65 kW.  Each model features a fully modulating class 5 low NOx burner and fan.

A number of major components are built into the boilers: the ecoTEC 65 has a siphonic condensate discharge, while the ecoTEC 46 has a condensate trap.  Both models have built-in, two-stage frost protection, 8m head shunt pump and a sensor to monitor system pressure via diagnostics.  There is a flow sensor to monitor the water flow through the boiler, as well as an air separator with auto air vent and filter for bleeding the system and the filtering of fine particles.  Each boiler is equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger and new hydraulic connections and isolating valves have been developed.

There are a number of flue lengths available for the ecoTEC commercial range, with a maximum flue length of up to 18m horizontally or 21m vertically.

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