Vaillant is on track

Vaillant has supplied Westinghouse Rail Systems Ltd, Hornsey, with two wall mounted, mono-split climaVAIR air conditioning units. The mono-splits, used in conjunction with high efficiency inverter condensing units, provide a total duty of 12kW of cooling and heating to the ground and first floor of the company’s offices.
Paul Doherty, Project Support Engineer at Westinghouse Rail Systems Ltd, explains: “Before we had air conditioning installed, there was no way of maintaining the temperature in our offices. This was especially infuriating during the summer months, when it was unacceptably hot in the two main offices; we decided that the only solution was air conditioning units.”

The air con units have four modes – cooling, heating, fan and dry. These different functions came in very handy, as Doherty continues: “We initially had air conditioning installed to help keep everybody cool, yet the products were also extremely useful when our main heating system broke down in January!”

Two multi-split climaVAIR units, each with an output of 6kW, were installed at the offices, located inside a warehouse building. Not only do the units provide a total of 12kW of cooling and heating duty to improve the environment of staff, they also have an added health setting that ionises the particles and filtrates the air, therefore removing airborne contaminants. The climaVAIR range also uses R410A refrigerant and includes features such as: A-rating energy efficiency; hot start; dehumidifier; de-ioniser and sleep function. Units have a three-level filtration arrangement – anti-microbial, anti-dust and activated carbon – and provide user controlled horizontal and vertical air swing via the standard infrared remote control.

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