Vaillant delivers total control

Vaillant’s commercial offering consists of a comprehensive range of high output boilers and a range of corresponding controls, delivering a complete building solution.

At the heart of Vaillant’s commercial offering is the VRC630/2 boiler management system. This versatile control can manage up to eight boilers in cascade and up to 15 heating circuits using additional accessories. The VRC630/2 can also bring the benefits of multiple heating zone control to single boiler applications. Up to eight Vaillant ecoTEC/ecoCRAFT3 or atmoCRAFT boilers can be connected to the VRC630 using a bus coupler accessory (VR32 for ecoTEC and ecoCRAFT3, VR30/2 for atmoCRAFT).

The VRC630/2 features weather compensation functionality, boiler sequence control, optimum heating start and stop and a holiday programmer for increased efficiency when the building is empty for extended periods of time.

Furthermore, with the addition of the vrnetDIALOG accessory, it is possible to remotely monitor and access boiler parameter and performance data via the Internet, giving instant alerts via SMS, fax or email, should a boiler report a fault.

Also available is the VRC430 weather compensator which makes it possible to control two heating zones and a hot water cylinder.

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