Vaillant boosts performance

Vaillant’s range of uniSTOR stainless steel unvented cylinders provides end users and installers with the option of a broad range of capacities, from 125 litres up to 310 litres.  All cylinders share a common width of 554mm, allowing them to fit into the tightest of spaces. 
Installation is simplified by both low lift weights across the range and simple front access connections.  Installation is further enhanced by easy access to the electrical connections, which are located behind a simple removable cover panel.
The uniSTOR’s high-grade stainless steel construction, with laser-welded seams, carries a full 25 year anti-perforation guarantee on the cylinder shell.  Also included with the product is an expansion vessel (up to 25 litres), all cold and hot water controls and a two-port valve.  All cylinders are equipped with a 3kW backup immersion heater, with the option of a second immersion on the 260 litre and 310 litre models.
To increase levels of performance and control even further, Vaillant ecoTEC system boilers and uniSTOR unvented stainless steel cylinders can now be integrated into one complete system together with Vaillant ‘ebus’ controls, such as the VRT 360 and VRC 400. 

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