UWP 3.0 Edge provides cyber security to remote operation

Carlo Gavazzi have launched the UWP 3.0 Edge universal web platform designed for monitoring and control of energy management systems, building automation and car park guidance functions.  Powered by MAIA Cloud, it provides a secure and reliable system for remotely managing, setting and operating UWP 3.0 units worldwide as well as providing IoT cyber security rating by UL to Level SILVER for UWP 3.0 SE (Security Enhancement).

The 2 DIN wide UWP 3.0 Edge easily manages up to 5000 managed signals (including variables, I/Os) which could be shared among energy management, building automation and car park guidance applications, up to 128 Modbus devices connected to RS485 ports (64 devices each port), up to 5 users concurrently connected to the Web-App, up to 5 concurrent M2M connections (API connections, BACnet clients, Modbus masters), up to 150 different products from the Carlo Gavazzi range can be connected to UWP 3.0 and is BTL certified (max 500 BACnet points for used BACnet objects).

The customisable built in webserver provides the opportunity to display data, build charts, set alarms and control the system, which can be accessed locally or remotely anywhere in the world.


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