Utility Partnership Ltd (UPL) choses MWA

Utility Partnership Ltd (UPL) has chosen MWA Technology Limited to help them to deliver the ICE-WISH European energy project, installing energy meters across 20 European countries.

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ICE-WISH is installing mature ICT-based innovative energy and water monitoring systems and is being funded by The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP) which focus’ on addressing European Union challenges such as moving towards a low carbon economy or coping with an ageing society.


This project involves providing tenants of social housing organisations usage data via their home TV’s to try to change their behaviour in their consumption of the relevant utilities. It is trialling at 30 dwellings in each of 10 different countries (300 dwellings in all). During the three year project duration real-life information will be used to encourage them to implement environmental energy related policy actions, incentives or investment decisions at public and private level.


David Gleadhill, MWA’s Commercial Director, commented: ““We could see the need for precision metering within the pursuit of reducing both waste of energy and water.  Everyone needs to save money and one of the biggest costs facing all of us these days is energy consumption, whether that is gas, electricity or water.


“There has been some major advancements in the meters you can choose and we’ve got more than 1000 in our range, and our technical expertise is second to none!”


Tel: 0121 327 7771



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