User-friendly control

Two touch-screen controllers from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) give building owners precise control over VRF air conditioning systems, and the ability to set individual performance parameters for up to 144 indoor units. The user friendly SLA-3 and SLB-3 controllers provide control, monitoring, scheduling and administrative functions to facilitate energy efficient system management. For multi-tenanted buildings, additional functionality in the SLB-3 monitors energy consumption of individual units, enabling the owner to monitor and calculate tenants’ usage and costs.
The SLA-3 and SLB-3 controllers are based on Windows CE and feature a clear 7 inch colour interactive LCD display with easy icons. They can control up to 144 indoor units, with the indoor units controlled individually, in groups or blocks of groups.
Both controllers enable the system manager to define units, groups or blocks, and configure schedules, temperature settings, fan speeds, louvre settings and other functions such as local control. The operation of any unit can be adjusted at any time from the central panel. The display also gives an immediate overview of the status of all units, highlighting maintenance needs.

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