Usable big data with Site Analytics

New complete and customisable online analytics dashboards further extend CAREL’s offering of remote monitoring systems

CAREL, a multinational specialising in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification, presented at Euroshop Site Analytics, our new dynamic online analytics systems. Site analytics extends CAREL’s remote monitoring proposal, making large data sets accessible in a simple and customised way. With Site Analytics, our tERA and RemotePRO supervisory systems that feature analysis and comparison centralised of data acquired from local supervisors now have new dashboards available for more effective and intuitive use of the data.

“Our aim with Site Analytics is to put our experience in thermodynamics to use for data analytics, thus meeting the needs of various different players”, commented Serena Ometto, Local & Remote Monitoring Manager. “Our approach is make vast amounts of information available for use according to specific areas of interest. With Site Analytics, all types of user can simply and intuitively find the data that interest them most. The online dashboards provided can be used to create customised reports based on specific search results. Analysis of data can moreover be used as the input for continuous optimisation, highlighting the actions needed to improve system performance”.

Its flexibility and continuous customisation make Site Analytics ideal for all different users. From service managers to technical personnel, site and quality managers, and performance managers, customised dashboards can be used to improve and simplify day-to-day tasks, thus increasing overall system efficiency. Service managers can evaluate the overall status of each site, identify the systems that are not performing as well as they should, identify the causes and reduce service costs. In the same way, technical personnel can quickly identify how and where action needs to be taken, using a simple interface with detailed analytics. Performance managers can check total energy consumption, identify the best technologies, prevent divergences from target and compare efficiency. For site managers, Site Analytics can compare performance, measure ROI, evaluate energy consumption details and identify any incorrect uses. Finally, quality managers can evaluate global site performance, compare different configurations and identify which are best and which are worst.

Looking for example at supermarket chains, the amount of data acquired in just a few months is enormous. Chains have hundreds of sites, each supermarket has dozens of units, each of which provides a constant stream of hundreds of variables. Site Analytics is the key to decrypting this huge array of data. Customised dashboards offer a complete overview, allowing each individual user to make the right decisions at the right time.

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