Updated meter ranges

Meter solutions company, MWA Technology has added new meters to its CPT Quantometer range, and introduced updated models in the TBX turbine gas meter range for the UK market.

The new CPT DN65 low-pressure drop turbine gas meter includes two versions; a 2.5 inch (65mm) rated G65 and G100 for gas and natural gas applications. An 8 inch (DN200mm) is also added to the range, which is now available in five DN sizes from 2 inches to 8 inches.

CPT Quantometers are turbine meters based on the rotation of an impellor, with the speed of rotation being proportional to the flow rate of the gas. The meters are installed between flanges in a ‘sandwich’ configuration.

With enhanced performance, improved electronics, a newly designed front face and touch panel buttons, the latest TBX range from MWA is compact, light and are suited to measure gas consumption of small boilers and industrial furnaces.  Pulse output duration and weightings can be programmed into TBX meters to match customer requirements.


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