Updated Daikin Inverter

An energy efficient and updated inverter driven R-410A air conditioning split combination is available from Daikin Europe. Designated FTK/XS-F and RK/XS-F, the series is available in heat pump and cooling only versions in 50, 60 and 71 classes.
Featuring a new stylish, visually attractive and easy to clean flat front panel, the wall mounted indoor unit offers airflows via five fan speeds (high to super low) in both vertical and horizontal patterns or in a 3D pattern combining both and is also extremely quiet in operation.

The series, which is ideal for use in residential, office, small hotel and retail applications, can be connected in Pair or Multi combinations, offers higher COPs/EERs and features a movement sensor for automatic power conservation in unoccupied rooms.

A powerful mode boosts airflow to enable rapid cooling or heating and a comfort mode offers draught free operation. Other important features include a ‘home leave’ operation saving energy during occupier absence. A titanium apatite air purification filter adsorbs particulate matter, decomposes odours and deactivates bacteria and viruses.

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