Up to 1,080kW of chiller now available for next day delivery

Mitsubishi Electric has added new 150kW and 180kW modules to its existing advanced range of high efficiency, inverter-driven, e-series modular chillers to expand the ‘off-the-shelf’ offering to the UK market.

The e-series offers market-leading low noise levels and exceptional part-load efficiencies with an operating range between 8-100% capacity to provide controllable, energy efficient cooling and heating with reduced plant size and a host of advanced features and benefits taken straight from the company’s experience in the air conditioning industry.

Available as cooling-only or heat pump versions, the new modules included a unique Y-shaped design to increase the intake of air and offer a greater heat exchanger surface area, delivering a highly efficient operation. With four inverter compressors operating as two pairs in each module and the ability to connect up to 6 individual modules into one system, the e-series chillers provide the perfect solution.

“We’ve had significant interest in these modular units since we launched the e-series three years ago and these larger modules expand the number of applications and buildings that can benefit from these advanced chillers” explains Graham Temple, Marketing Manager.

Further details on the comprehensive range is available by visiting the dedicated website www.mechillers.co.uk, emailing chillers@meuk.mee.com, or calling 01707 282880.

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