Universal dimmer meets KNX challenge

Theben’s Universal Dimming Actuator has solved the problem of designing LED lighting systems in a world where there is no agreed standard for LED drivers. It leaves designers free to choose lighting from any manufacturer, mixing and matching to build the best solution.

One of the key challenges for KNX systems designers at the moment – and indeed for any lighting designer – is the dimming of LED lights. There is no agreed standard for the design of LED drivers, and so every manufacturer is free to do what they think best. This has made specifying a universal device to control dimmable LED lighting challenging.

The Universal Dimming Actuator DMG 2 T KNX is part of Theben’s successful MIX range of actuators and controllers for switching, dimming and heating control. The MIX range is a series of devices, consisting of a base unit and up to two extension modules which make it easier and more cost effective to control multiple channels.  Two, four or six channels of dimming can be configured per device group and there is also the option to add booster units (DMB 1 T) for higher loads.


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