Underfloor heating a commercially viable alternative to radiators a new study finds

A new study has compared costs of installing underfloor heating with radiators.

The research, by ForceDry, used data from leading contractors based on three specifications: traditional radiators and 75mm sand & cement screed, traditional radiators with a 50mm flowing screed, and a 50mm flowing screed with underfloor heating.

The findings showed that, for an 80m2 dwelling, installation costs range from £3,003.72 to £3,483.10 for the sand and cement approach; £3,163.72 to £3,563.10 for a 50mm flowing screed  with radiators and £3,464.63 to £4,082.30 for a 50mm flowing screed with underfloor heating. The underfloor heating cost includes force drying, which reduces drying time typically by around two thirds, representing a significant time and cost  saving in the construction process.

Ross Verity, managing director of ForceDry, said:  “Our study shows this approach is only marginally more expensive to install than radiators, but when combined with force drying with the considerable cost benefits of the time saved  factored in, the overall costs could actually be much less. Underfloor heating with a flowing screed can be a viable solution for all kinds of housing, including social and affordable. Flowing screeds also have a considerably lower carbon footprint than that of sand and cement screeds.”


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