Ultra flexible plenum box

New TROX FLEXTRO flexible plenum boxes, available for circular or square ceiling air diffusers, provide valuable practical advantages due to their innovative design. They provide a high degree of architectural flexibility, meaning that they can be fitted with a wide variety of ceiling diffusers. They can also be integrated into any kind of ceiling system, guaranteeing fast, problem-free installation into grid, plaster or profiled ceilings.

In addition, the innovative ‘collapsible’ design means that the FLEXTRO plenum box can be transported and stored flat – making them just one third of the height of a standard steel construction plenum box. This capability, combined with a lightweight construction (50% of the weight of a standard plenum box) has significant logistical advantages. Transport and storage volume is reduced by 60%, offering easy handling at reduced cost.

FLEXTRO also incorporates a number of features for superior air handling control and performance, including an acoustically optimised damper blade for flow rate balancing, and a connecting spigot with a double lip seal and interlock in 15° increments from 0 to 90°.


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