Ultra-efficient Turbomiser

A new type of ultra-efficient chiller, now being launched simultaneously in the UK and across Europe, delivers unprecedented energy savings for end users and takes carbon reduction into new territory for the industry.

The super-frugal machine, Turbomiser II, is the fruit of a two-year development programme by pioneering Italian manufacturer Geoclima and UK companies Klima-Therm and Cool-Therm.

It has been heralded as ‘probably the most efficient HFC-based air-cooled chiller in the world.’ It can achieve EERs of 10 and above without the need for additional free-cooling circuits and associated glycol, which can prove expensive and is not favoured in many applications. This saves both on initial cost and ongoing pump energy.

Building on the success of the first generation Turbomiser, which itself set a new standard for efficiency, the second generation Turbomiser II takes performance into new territory.

The Turbomiser II chiller can reduce end users’ power bills by between 30 and 50% – while at the same time dramatically cutting carbon emissions. On some applications, the saving can cut pay-back time to less than a year.



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