Ultimate water efficiency

Water efficiency is suddenly up at the top of everyone’s agenda, alongside energy efficiency, carbon emissions and climate change. A suitable time, therefore, for Reliance Water Controls to spotlight its wide-ranging and continuously expanding series of Auteau shower fittings and basin brassware, developed in collaboration with its French partner Delabie.
The range is of the highest quality, conforms with European Standard BS EN 816, is approved under the Water Research Advisory Scheme, and is relevant to the forthcoming building regulations part G upgrade, initially for homes and later extending to commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Sceptics who doubt the effectiveness, economics or longevity of timed-flow water controls should note that this brand incorporates technology which can save substantial quantities of water, reduce metered supply and sewerage costs, overcome limescale deposition problems, minimise maintenance, assist the increasing proportion of less able users, defend against vandalism, and resist deterioration owing to high-quality chrome-plating and materials of manufacture.

The shower selection includes the Auteau Tonic Jet concealed, exposed and through-wall anti-vandal variants with 8 litre/min flow limiters.

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