Ultimate efficiency

From its Flexicool range, Fläkt Woods has launched a remarkably energy efficient chilled beam known as IQID, it is an integrated system for ventilation, cooling and heating, fulfilling most needs for indoor climate.
This latest edition is available as a basic model, but can also be equipped with a number of functions to provide a multifunctional chilled beam; these include a comfort control, function for high air flow (2 hole rows), flow pattern control, heat, control and regulation equipment, lighting and provision for a sprinkler system.

Probably the most exclusive development is the patented flow pattern control (FPC) system, as a result the airflow can be directed up to 45 degrees through integrated vanes. Different directions can be set at sections of 300 mm in the beam. The flow pattern is easily and safely adjusted by a simple operation. FPC is available for induction air beams only.

The highest possible efficiency can be maintained as a result of the FPC function, by adjusting the comfort control and air vanes. A combination of different angles on one side is possible.

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