UK non-chemical anti Legionnaires and anti limescale treatments lead the world

Established in 1973 Fluid Dynamics specialises in the provision of non chemical solutions to two of the main problems encountered in water systems Legionella and Limescale.

In the UK legislation demands that anti legionella and anti scaling precautions are taken in all buildings . Historically chemicals have been the traditional route but chemicals can be dangerous to handle , require regular replenishment and are environmentally damaging an alternative is keeping water so high users face a risk of scalding. Fluid Dynamics Biokleen, MagCAT and  Scaletron treatment systems are totally non chemical, totally environment friendly  and require little or no maintenance. Fluid Dynamics products are already used by Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Burberry, Cambridge University, Butlin’s, Kimberley Clark, Bristol Royal Infirmary   and in  thousands more applications throughout UK. The latest order received being for Whipsnade Zoo.

Worldwide demand for This British Technology

Sunrise Industries in Singapore is the latest company to install Fluid Dynamics Combined non chemical  anti scaling and anti legionella treatments. In this case the system contains a cooling tower a prime risk of  legionairres disease. In 2012 so far  Fluid Dynamics have exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. Increasing  attention to Environmental responsibility has meant that Fluid Dynamics  has received orders this year from  some of the leading companies of the world.. Unilever, Proctor and Gamble , Walmart and Cemex are just some of the giant multinational organisations that are ordering and reordering  this UK developed technology.

How they Work

Biokleen , MagCAT and  Scaletron all work by using electrochemistry. Very small electrical currents are used to produce results that in the case of Scaletron and MagCAT  neutralise limescale  so that it does not form a hard scale  and in the case of Biokleen by releasing  minute amounts of copper and silver into the water  in a form that is deadly to bacteria but totally safe for humans.

Negligible Running costs and negligible maintenance

The Scaletron  and MagCAT anti scaling products require no maintenance at all and have no running costs. The Biokleeen uses tiny amounts of electricity and apart from the need to clean electrodes on a monthly basis and replace them every two years  (a 30 minute job)  the Biokleen too is maintenance Free.

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