UK green water treatment technology scores all over the world

Fluid Dynamics is one of the UK’s export success stories. Specialising in preventing scaling caused by hard water without the use of chemicals Fluid Dynamics exports over 85% of its production. Chosen for Florida’s “Green House project “ in the USA .. as the preferred water treatment for the Argentine Central Bank , and also the City Mall in Jordan the Company had even been advised at Christmas that they had won the contract for treating the fountain on the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, Bahrain .. but naturally that project is now on hold. Fluid Dynamics Catalytic water treatment systems are exported every week of the year.. just the kind of business the UK needs .. high tech and exporting. This has been recognised by the EU and the Company has been enrolled in its ERDF environmental fast track programme for Environmental Companies with significant growth potential.


That is not to say that its Scaletron water conditioners are not being used in the UK , they are , Waitrose, Marks and Spencer’s and Cambridge University are regular purchasers and the Company has recently won a contract for Hartlepool College of Technology and been specified for the refurbishment of Reading Station but take up in the UK is still low by international standards

The Company’s products replace water softeners and chemicals the traditional but polluting methods that have been historically used for the prevention of scaling caused by hard water. Parts of the USA are now banning water softeners completely because of their polluting effects.

Installed into an existing pipework, needing no electricity and having no moving parts the WRAS approved products work by neutralising the hardness salts that cause scaling. But they take nothing from the water and add nothing to it – leaving it safe and healthy to drink.

Applications range from Humidifiers .. where product life can be doubled or trebled to hot water heaters to general water services. It is a Part L building regs requirement that where a new hot water heater or boiler is installed in a hard water area a water conditioner must be fitted. The Scaletron units are supplied in a stainless steel housing with compression fittings making installation very easy.

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