Tyco releases new hardware

Tyco Electronics has launched the new AMP Netconnect AMP-TWIST 6AS RJ45 connector. The AMP-TWIST 6AS SL Jack offers 600 MHz performance, exceeds the upcoming Category 6A component performance specification of the global cabling standard ISO/IEC 11801 amendment 2 and is the key component of the new AMP Netconnect XGA cabling system.

The new connecting hardware forms part of the AMP-TWIST connector family. It features one of the fastest termination technologies in the industry, allowing termination of shielded cabling in less time than is normally required for unshielded connecting hardware.

The AMP Netconnect Engineering Department created this new connector by using the latest electrical modelling technology and a complex PCB design, resulting in a connector that not only meets the minimum requirements for the category 6A component specification as defined by ISO/IEC, IEC, CENELEC and TIA/EIA, but even exceeds these relevant international and regional standards.

The AMP-TWIST 6AS connector gives the customer many advantages with regard to security of investment, as this connector meets the upcoming standards for Class EA and Category 6A and accepts any Category 6A patch cord, while still maintaining high system performance.


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