Two way attack from FG Eurofred

FG Eurofred is attacking the UK air conditioning market with a new image, a new structure, and a unique selling proposition.

The launch of a new logo signals the end of the re-organisation and integration process following the merging of the distribution network organisation of Fujitsu General UK and the direct selling operation of Eurofred UK.
Tony Gittings, FG Eurofred’s recently appointed Sales Director says: “No major air conditioning brand can operate successfully in the UK without a direct sales operation. All the major manufacturers have gone, or will soon be going, in that direction. Leading consultants and larger end users with branches all over the country want to deal directly with a manufacturer.
“However, unlike other manufacturers, we are firm believers in the continued role of a strong distributor network, so we have decided to take the bold decision to develop both routes to market equally. There is room for both.
“More than 80% of our sales go through our distributors, all of which do an excellent job in both selling Fujitsu equipment and giving their installer customers the support they need. Our aim is to ensure that they will grow along with us, to which end we are developing a support programme. They are all individual companies with particular needs, so, as well as general incentive programmes, we will be agreeing individual support packages for each.”
The first FG Eurofred distributor incentive is aimed at helping members of the network with their marketing. For every 1% of a distributor’s sales of Fujitsu equipment, FG Eurofred will put an equal amount into a marketing pot for that company, to be used to match spending by the distributor on agreed marketing projects.
On direct sales, FG Eurofred is aiming to increase the volume of sales made through this route, without cannibalising sales through the distribution side, by growing the company’s business overall – particularly through VRF and larger projects.
Tony said: “The UK is the third largest air conditioning market in Europe, behind Spain and Italy, and VRF is the highest growth area. Currently, sales through our distributors are almost exclusively splits. So, by increasing our direct VRF sales, through consultants and larger end users, we will hit our sales targets without damaging our distributors.”
The new FG Eurofred logo has been developed to give the company its own distinctive identity that can be used in conjunction with the existing Fujitsu General Partner logo.

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