Two in one unit

Now available from LG is the Multi V Sync VRF system which gives simultaneous heating & cooling from just one outdoor unit, to ensure the best possible interior comfort regardless of the space or seasonal conditions. The Multi V Sync heat recovery system allows indoor units to be designated or switched from heating to cooling and visa-versa giving complete flexibility to any site which has varying requirements – hotel rooms, gyms, restaurants etc.
For simultaneous heating & cooling the heat absorbed from indoor units in cooling mode is recycled and re-used for indoor units requiring heating, thus maximising the utilisation of power and optimising comfort levels.

One of the great features of Multi V Sync is that there is no capacity loss anywhere else in the system when an indoor unit changes mode from heating to cooling or visa-versa. Also, as the system is non-stop during mode changeover, this means reduced energy consumption due to stabilised interior conditions.

Furthermore, this overcomes the main drawback of three pipe heat recovery systems – namely heat/cool changeover lag.

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