True Presence® People at the centre of a digital sensor revolution.

To be or not to be? What counts? What is really important? These are the questions we asked ourselves when we were pushing the further evolution of our sensor technology. Today’s presence detectors actually are nothing more than enhanced motion sensors. And how can a motion sensor be improved even further? The answer came quickly: By concentrating on presence instead of motion. True presence means that a person is present – even when he is not moving. That really changes things. We took on the challenge. We met it. True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detector. It reliably detects the presence of a person. No matter what this person is doing: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping. This is real digital knowledge of presence or absence. This is essential information for existing or future building management.

Our True Presence® technology is based on detailed high-frequency measurements of the surroundings. The presence of humans is indicated when 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement resulting from vital functions) are detected. The combination of a highly sensitive antenna with unique sensor software results in a 100% detection of humans. The distance of the person to the sensor, the movement vector and the body posture is registered as well. And all of this so quickly and so precisely that an additional stay ON time is no longer required. Sometimes it’s the little details that result in major changes. Even when most people hardly notice presence detectors on the ceiling: the new True Presence® detectors will leave a lasting impression. The outstanding design indicates a revolution on the inside. True Presence® is the flagship of the presence detector evolution and opens up a new era in building sensor technology. The true presence® product family combines revolutionary technology with an enhanced sensor design on a digital basis. And easy to control via app and Bluetooth.

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