Trox’s automatic answer

An automatic volume flow controller, which removes the tedious and expensive process of adjusting flow rates in ventilation and air conditioning systems, has been unveiled by TROX (UK).

The maintenance-free Type VFL unit, which can be adjusted on-site in seconds, has a differential pressure range of 30 to 300Pa. It can be used at diffusers to replace manually operated volume control dampers or volume control blades, or in residential bathroom ventilation systems.

The VFL comprises a control unit, including the mechanical components of damper, bridge, bellow, and leaf spring, surrounded by a sheath tube that protects the interior movable components.

The unit is factory set to a reference volume flow. To change the volume flow setting on site, the control unit is simply twisted and pulled out of the sheath tube. Then a special screwdriver is used to loosen the screws on either end of the set value adjuster. The set value adjuster can then be set to the required volume and the unit replaced quickly and easily.

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