Trox opens new factory

Trox UK expects to achieve a record year on the production of chilled beams in 2007 which has prompted them to expand their production facilities with a £300,000 investment in a new 40,000 sq ft dedicated facility and warehouse for the manufacture of chilled beams close to its existing factory in Thetford, Norfolk.
The new facility is already on line and includes an investment of £750,000 in new machinery. This will double Trox’s production capacity, enabling the company to manufacture around 50,000 linear metres of chilled beams a year.

“Our significant increase in production reflects the increasing popularity of this system and of our competence, particularly on multi-service chilled beams,” said Trox Business Manager Ian Sams.

He added: “Part L2 of the Building Regulations means that many designers are looking carefully at the use of chilled beams instead of fan coils because they are more energy efficient and result in lower whole life costs.”

Multi service chilled beams can save up to 700mm per floor in the building height as they are fixed directly to the soffit or under-side of the slab. If false ceilings are preferred then chilled beams could be installed in ceiling voids of only 300mm. Their low profile makes them equally at home in new build and refurbishment projects. A further added benefit is that they are virtually maintenance free because there are no filters to change and no moving parts in the unit itself.

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