Trox gets eco-friendly

Trox active multi-service chilled beams with architect-inspired design elements, and a host of special features for energy efficiency and occupier comfort, have been installed in one the greenest commercial buildings in Wales.

Located in the prestigious Cardiff Waterfront development, 3 Assembly Square, Cardiff Waterside is a six storey (66,250 sq ft) flagship office building adjacent to the National Assembly for Wales’ Senydd building. It has been designed for outstanding environmental performance, with a biomass boiler, enhanced insulation and rainwater harvesting just some of the factors that contributed to the building achieving a BREEAM (2006) rating of ‘excellent’, with a score of 75.52, six months ahead of completion.

The need for outstanding energy efficiency was one of the influences on the design of the multi-service chilled beams. A lighting management system, including PIR sensors, is incorporated into the chilled beams to optimise energy consumption by adjusting lighting in line with room occupancy and levels of natural sunlight.

Comfort of occupants is also paramount, with state-of-the-art heating and cooling technology delivered via the active chilled beams, and the incorporation of prismatic lenses for more accurate control of light distribution. The chilled beams also incorporate protection devices including smoke detectors and emergency lighting.

The Trox DID600 multi-service chilled beams deliver all of these building services from compact stylish ceiling mounted units. To enhance the architectural intentions for the space, the chilled beams are manufactured with specially-designed sidepanels developed in collaboration with Trox Design Bureau. The resulting T shape beams, and black perforated sidepanels, give the impression that the beams are floating in space.

During development, the project team was able to see the aesthetic impact of the beam, and analyse aspects of its technical performance, at Trox’s test laboratory. The incorporation of so many building services in a single off-site constructed fitting, streamlined the final construction phase of this prestigious project.

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