Trox expands fan coil test area

The dedicated test cell at the Trox Technical Centre has been totally rebuilt due to the massive demands for fan coil system research and development.  This demand has been brought about by the need to measure energy savings accurately as in the case of VAV fan coil development work, the need to verify performance data on a project by project basis, and to enable further product research to be undertaken.

With this new test area Trox can now take a minimum of three conditions or separate set ups per day and test these under stable conditions and it has trebled their capacity in the R & D area.

Trox are currently undertaking a heavy programme of testing to achieve the most energy efficient fan coil system.  This involves research on optimising fan coil unit configuration, coil performance, motor efficiency, fan blade design and acoustic/thermal insulation.

The dedicated fan coil laboratory is the only one in the UK which is certified by BSRIA and that can perform these crucial tests in stable pre-determined conditions.  Over the past 12 months Trox investment in R & D activities has exceeded £150K.

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