TripTrack boosts safety

LiftStore has launched TripTrack, a cost-effective lift safety solution aimed at helping building owners in the public sector to improve passenger safety, improve maintenance efficiency and even reduce the risk of litigation.

Easily fitted to an existing lift, the TripTrack system uses a laser beam, aimed at a target on the car to determine the lift’s exact height at each stop or floor. If a pre-programmable acceptance level for each floor is exceeded, then a signal is transmitted to the control room, flagging the problem, and calling for maintenance. It can also be programmed to trigger a visual and audible warning in the lift carriage itself, to warn passengers of the trip hazard.

The laser beam is fired when the lift is stationary and the level information (and any level discrepancies) is recorded and stored in a central database, every single time the lift stops at a floor.

TripTrack is ideal for public sector building owners because a log of each lift’s daily activity can be kept on file. This can be used in court as vital evidence in insurance and legal claim cases.

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