Trion’s automatic wash option

Trion has introduced the T-Series Plus automatic wash option for its market leading AIR BOSS T Series electronic air cleaner range. This facility makes unit cleaning much easier and quicker, so reducing the time and cost of maintenance whilst ensuring that the AIR BOSS T Series continues to remove fumes and odours as effectively as possible from commercial kitchen applications. 

Available as an integral control module with the T2002, T3003, T4004 and T5005 sized units, the wash option is custom programmed to automatically cycle the wash manifolds, detergent and the exhaust fan. Specially formulated detergent is sprayed via the wash system’s manifolds to clean the plates within the electrostatic cells of the air cleaner. This allows removal of contaminants in situ, saving time and hassle. Once washing is completed the system activates the system’s exhaust fan to pull air across the cells and dry them before automatically switching on the power supply.

Trion’s Air Boss T Series range features 11 models in total, offering HVAC contractors and catering end-users a complete choice in compact, low profile units to suit different project requirements.

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