Trion announces compliance

Trion has announced that its complete range of Air Boss T Series electronic air cleaners have been independently certified by leading European testing house TUV for compliance with European safety and performance regulations. This confirms T Series as one of the few electronic air cleaners on the UK market which HVAC contractors and catering end-users can specify that is tested to meet the demanding TUV standard for odour and fume removal in commercial kitchen applications.

Kevin Bristow says: “Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s climate is extremely important and the independent testing of our products for all the markets in which we do business is a key part of our strategy. The T Series of Electronic Air Cleaners is ideal for many applications and now, with this independent certification, our customers can be assured that the products have been rigorously assessed for compliance.”

Trion’s Air Boss T Series range features 11 models in total offering a complete choice in compact, low profile units to suit different project requirements.

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