Trigion wins security contract for joint public and university library

Trigion Security Services has won the contract to provide security at The Hive in Worcester, a community facility with 10,000sq m of public space, over five floors, which receives around a million visitors a year.

Neil Ricketts, Security & Technical Services Director, at Trigion, said: “The Hive describes itself as the first joint public and university library in Europe, but that sells the facility short. It also offers a cafe, exhibition spaces, theatre, archive and archaeology service, and landscaped environment, with terraces and gardens, among other things.

“Such a varied operation requires specialist security in order to deter those people with less-than community minded activities planned and provide a reassuring, but unobtrusive, presence for everyone else.

“Our ability to provide a mixture of electronic security solutions alongside manned security means we are perfectly placed to meet the client’s varied requirements. All our guards are trained in Hostmanship – or the art of making people feel welcome – which is essential in this type of environment.”

Pictured above: Trigion Security Services has been contracted to provide security at The Hive, in Worcester.

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