TridonicAtco launch ZRM

TridonicAtco has launched the ZRM ES/C series of fully rounded ignitors for the operation of all standard high-pressure discharge lamps with outputs from 35W to 2000W. When compared to the previous generation of ignitors, the casing dimensions of the ZRM ES/C units have been reduced whilst the thermal behaviour has been maintained or improved, making them extremely cost effective to use.
The range includes the ZRM 2-ES/C, ZRM 2.5-ES/C and ZRM 4.5-ES/C ignitors for outputs of 35W to 400W in standard applications. For temperature-critical or low noise applications, TridonicAtco has included the high performance ZRM 6-ES/C ignitors in the new range, in addition to the ZRM 12-ES/C version, which has been engineered for high-end output from 400W to 1000/2000W. The compact dimensions and optimised thermal behaviour of the ZRM 12-ES/C also makes it ideal for use with compact luminaires. For added safety, a snap-on terminal cover is available for ZRM ES/C ignitors that prevents the terminals being touched accidentally.
The ZRM ES/CT option has a digital timer that monitors the ignition process and the behaviour of the lamp.
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