Tridium launches Vykon hvac

Tridium has launched VYKON hvac, a quick, intuitive, software-based solution for automatically creating heating, ventilating and air-conditioning control applications within a standard Tridium JACE controller. Powered by the industry-leading NIAGARA Framework, VYKON hvac dramatically speeds up control system engineering for system’s integrators, whilst ensuring consistency and accuracy of set-up.
Integrators can select the HVAC equipment on their project from the application library and then VYKON hvac automatically designs and produces a complete control solution, covering wiring schedules, I/O points, control strategy, graphics, alarms and histories and a description of operation. This approach significantly reduces engineering time, increases productivity, simplifies system commissioning and reduces the risk of error; thereby improving the reliability of the installation and reducing callbacks. A wide range of industry standard HVAC applications are available through the VYKON hvac libraries to meet most plant configurations, ensuring instant familiarity yet versatility for the engineer working on commercial, public, retail and industrial building projects.
To allow for on-site modifications, such as changes to HVAC equipment or control strategy, systems integrators can carry out application adjustment quickly and at minimal cost within the JACE from a standard web browser interface. 
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