Trend takes control

Trend Control Systems Ltd has launched the first two models in a new generation of building energy management system (BEMS) controllers.

Though small in size, the Trend IQ411 and IQ412 both offer a combination of advanced capabilities not found on any other building services controller, even much larger ones. The versatile new units, which incorporate a range of features that simplify installation, engineering and commissioning, are ideal for energy efficient, highly distributed local control of services such as underfloor heating, natural ventilation, small air handlers and air conditioning terminal units.

The IQ411 and 412 have also been designed as perfect drop-in replacements for Trend IQ211/212 and IQ70 controllers that may be nearing the end of their operational lives. Swapping one controller for another (including uploading/reloading the control strategy) takes five minutes or less.

Ethernet connectivity comes as standard on all variants of the IQ411 and IQ412, as does a web server. In addition, there are versions of the controllers that can also be connected to a Trend LAN and/or BACnet. This allows for different customer preferences and requirements, even if they change in the future.

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