Training for the environment

CentraLine by Honeywell has opened a dedicated training centre to help make buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. The facility in Bracknell has already proved invaluable in supporting the new CentraLine by Honeywell “Partner” network of independent automation and control integrators.
This training helps Partners maximise the energy efficiency of HVAC installations, using the range of automation and controls from CentraLine by Honeywell. The outcome is to minimise fossil fuel consumption, cut energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the good of the global environment.

“CentraLine by Honeywell is committed to support its Partner network,” said Harry Swinbourne, Honeywell Buildings Business Manager. “Special training courses in the new centre are giving Partners the tools and abilities needed to provide the best possible building solution in every case. This will directly benefit building managers and users by reducing installation and running costs including fuel consumption, and enhancing convenience and comfort.”

Initial courses have instructed control engineers in web-enabled building controls and controller configuration for maximum energy efficiency. Future courses for building system designers, installers and users will include focuses on inverters for pump and fan control and on the Honeywell SymmetrE building management system and its abilities to help maximise performance.

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