Touch screen display

The look, feel and mode of operation of the IQView4 touch screen display for Trend building management systems will be instantly familiar to anyone who has an MP3 player, Sat Nav system or modern mobile phone. Learning how to use the new device will thus come as second nature to most facilities managers and building services engineers.

Featuring a 4.3in (109mm) backlit colour display, the IQView4 is an operator interface that can be used with most Trend BMS controllers. Compatible with the IQ3xcite, IQ2 range and later IQ1series models, it connects directly to the controller’s supervisor port. Since it will normally reside in plant rooms, it has been designed to allow panel mounting.

Easy to interpret on-screen icons and buttons give rapid access to all controller inputs, outputs, directories and alarms, with logged data being viewable in graph form. Adjustments to the controller’s knobs, switches and plant start/stop time settings are just as easily accomplished. By assigning different password levels, access rights can be tailored to an individual user’s needs.

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