Touch control from Speedfit

Easy to install and use, the new range of de luxe feature rich Touch Screen Programmable Room Thermostats from JG Speedfit further enhance their Underfloor Heating Network Control System.

A network system differs from a normal underfloor heating system in that low voltage electrical components are networked together using computer network cable. This one cable carryies signals between a wiring centre and all the components.

The new products have an intuitive easy to use touch screen display making the user manual a thing of the past.

The thermostats can be used in a five day/two day mode or in a seven day mode to allow for different settings each day of the week, giving total user flexibility.

They are self learning. To avoid unnecessary use of energy, the thermostats can be set to optimum start – delaying the heating start up to achieve the comfort level at the programmed time.

A Holiday Function reduces the temperature setting to a frost setting over the holiday period, reverting back to comfort level to coincide with your return. The frost protection feature has an adjustable temperature setting.

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