Toshiba rolls out new programme of CPD courses

Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched an expanded programme of CPD courses on key technical and legislative issues for consultants, designers, installers and end-users.

The focus is on improving understanding of system design and application of the latest technology, and ensuring clarity on and compliance with changes in legislation affecting the industry.

1404004. 1st April 2014.

David Dunn, pictured, Director and General Manager of Toshiba, said: “A key priority for us is to help raise standards across the industry. An important part of this is contributing to the level of knowledge in core topics and areas subject to rapid development, such as new legislation and technical innovation.”

The new course will be available from the Toshiba’s training centres in Leatherhead, Manchester and Plymouth, and some distributors’ premises as well as the option of the Toshiba team being able to deliver the material at customers’ premises.

In addition to courses on the fundamentals of air conditioning, there are sessions focussing on the application of air-cooled VRF systems, and the use of mechanical and natural cooling systems.

There is a course on the latest heat pump technology, aimed at those wanting to keep abreast of recent innovations and how to apply them to deliver high performance and optimum efficiency for clients.

There is also a session dedicated to understanding how refrigerant leak detection pump-down systems work, and how to ensure they comply with current legislation regarding refrigerant in occupied spaces, such as in hotels.

It explains how designers and installers can demonstrate compliance in relation to BREEAM credits, as well as conformity with British Standard EN378.

In line with the increasing attention being given to energy performance, there is a course dedicated to the practical aspects of applying SEER and COP calculations to VRF systems (in line with Part L of the Building Regulations, 2nd tier document). It also covers the application of the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM).

The full programme includes the following eight courses:

  • CPD 1: A basic guide to air conditioning;
  • CPD 2: A guide to legislation;
  • CPD 3: A guide to tackling a project using air-cooled VRF air conditioning;
  • CPD 4: Mechanical and natural cooling systems;
  • CPD 5: A guide to heat pump technology;
  • CPD 6: System controls;
  • CPD 7: BREEAM Refrigerant Pump Down Credit & BSEN378 (leakage into occupied space);
  • CPD 8: The Application of SEER and COP for VRF Systems.

Toshiba will also be providing an in-depth module on current and alternative refrigerants as well as looking at the impact of the proposed legislation changes during 2016.

For more information contact Neil Hitching on 0870 843 0333, or email


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