Toshiba publishes engineers’ Handbook as part of industry training and support programme

Engineer's HandbookToshiba Air Conditioning (a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Limited) has published a comprehensive Technical Handbook for engineers, as part of its programme of training and support for the industry.

The 80-page compendium is designed to be an indispensable guide for engineers carrying out air conditioning installations, commissioning and maintenance, and covers 39 key topics in relation to Toshiba equipment and systems.

It includes mechanical and performance specifications for equipment, acoustic data, help with identifying fault codes, refrigerant pipe sizing, and detailed guidance on commissioning and system set-up.

There is guidance on calculating additional refrigerant charge required by VRF air conditioning systems, and a step-by-step guide to wiping and/or readdressing existing VRF installations.

1404004. 1st April 2014.Given the rapid advances in control and monitoring and the development of sophisticated data gathering and analysis tools, it also has useful guidance for engineers on how to retrieve data from systems and remote controllers.

Efficient data retrieval enables engineers to quickly pinpoint potential problems, and can highlight opportunities to optimise systems to further improve energy efficiency and performance.

A section on energy saving outlines how systems can be set-up to to self-regulate, to reduce running costs for end users and minimise carbon emissions to protect the environment.

David Dunn, general manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning, says: “Today’s air conditioning systems are extremely sophisticated and are designed with features that are light years ahead of the systems of a few years ago. To get the most out of them, it is obviously important to ensure engineers have clear guidance on how they work and how to set them up correctly.

“The new guide brings together a huge amount of information, and provides an essential guide for contractors and instaFor use in the fieldllers that they can keep in the van and take with them on site.”

As well as being published in hard copy form, the Handbook is also available to signed up members as a digital download via the company’s website. Visit:

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