Toshiba goes modern

Heating costs have been cut and the latest standards in modern air conditioned space have been created by the installation of four large Toshiba VRF systems at Leat House, a large 1300m² office building in a business park on the outskirts of Newbury’s industrial area.
The systems designed by Toshiba’s specification team have been installed by specialist contractors Air Concepts and were supplied by Toshiba’s wholesaler HRP.

The refurbished space was not previously air conditioned, having been designed in the late eighties with a perimeter wet heating system. This inefficient heating solution was removed by Air Concepts, and a comprehensive environmental control system was designed to cope with the high solar gain in this substantially glazed building.

The design uses the Toshiba Super Heat Recovery Modules to make up four air conditioning systems, with a total capacity of 125 kW, able to supply both heating and cooling on demand, so that the building is zoned for potential letting to four separate tenants. With four separate central control systems also installed each tenant will be able to manage their own energy budgets and environmental regimes.

A heat recovery air ventilation system has also been installed by Air Concepts using the ceiling space as a return air plenum on the ground floor and on the first floor the heat laden air is ducted to the ventilation system where it is used to temper incoming air, enabling further energy savings.

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