Torino teaches a lesson

The contemporary designed Torino IP66 Bi-Directional wall mounted luminaire from Ansell Lighting, has been used at the newly re-built Carnalridge Primary School in Portrush, County Antrim, to provide a high quality architectural light source that is able to complement the interior architecture.

Carnalridge Primary School is located in a rural setting approximately a mile south of Portrush and close to the Giants Causeway. It caters for the town’s children and those from the surrounding areas. This new building provides a modern, purpose built facility which replaces the old 19 Century country school, which no longer met the needs of the local community.  The old school had very limited facilities with just a few classrooms and a range of portable prefab buildings which have, for many years, catered for the school’s increased numbers. The new school building provides the much needed classrooms, computer and audio-visual equipment along with modern office facilities and a main hall.

The architectural design has included a main corridor which features a glass roof to maximise the amount of natural light that can flood into the building.  The Torino luminaries have been wall mounted along the length of this corridor to create an eye-catching cross patterned wall wash effect which is able to enhance the interior’s architectural features. This lighting effect is achieved by directing light from the top and bottom of the fitting to produce both upward and downward light. Not only has it produced the required functional lighting, but also the feature lighting has been used to accentuate the design of the roof structure.

Available in two sizes, the Torino utilises a high purity aluminium reflector to intensify the light output to create the desired decorative effect.  The use of a single G12 Metal Halide lamp allows the Torino to provide excellent colour rendering as well as good lamp life to reduce maintenance costs.

These Ansell luminaries were supplied by BM Electrical Wholesale of Coleraine, and installed by Dowds Electrical. According to BM’s general manager, Ken Robinson: “Due to the use of a glass roof structure, it was not possible to use ceiling mounted luminaries, so Ansell’s wall mounted  Bi-Directional luminaire was chosen as an alternative option. Its modern styling fits in well with the architecture of this new building thereby providing the client with an ideal solution.”

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