Top gear for Lamborghini

Chloride is providing critical power protection at Italian supercar maker Automobili Lamborghini, continuing a business relationship that extends back many years.
At Sant’Agata, Lamborghini was ahead of its time when back in 1963 it located its administration and design departments alongside the production facilities. Today, the company remains at the cutting edge of automotive manufacturing technology and relies on Chloride systems to provide high integrity power protection for business continuity.
The company’s first Chloride UPS system was a 25kVA unit but as the business has grown the power protection systems have been regularly reviewed and upgraded to meet its ever greater performance requirements and to cope with the problem of reduced mains power resilience. By installing a 30kVA Synthesis Twin, a 100kVA 90-NET and a 30kVA 70-NET, Lamborghini has embraced Chloride’s own advances in UPS technology which are designed to maximise uptime and offer superior power protection solutions.
Antonio Stefanini, Director of Maintenance for Automobili Lamborghini, underlines the site’s need for an uninterruptible power supply, particularly in the light of recent increases in orders. “To maintain production of around 2000 vehicles a year, we cannot allow any interruption to our power supply. For example the Intranet and data centre must be protected, as must badge readers at the entrances to doors and departments, and the POS service soon to be installed in the caretaker’s lodge”.
He continued: “Thanks to the UPS and the electric power generators, we now feel that we are sufficiently protected from drops and breaks in our power supply which can be frequent, especially in the summer. We feel safe because over the years we have never had any problems with equipment supplied by Chloride and they have always provided us with a punctual assistance and maintenance service”
Emma Salerno, Marketing and Communication Manager for Chloride Italy, commented: “We are delighted to have as a client one of the icons of Italian engineering. Our UPS systems contribute to the creation of ideal conditions for a continuous and efficient production process and are indirectly involved in creating cars which are the envy of the world. The long history we have with Lamborghini is an indication of the fact that our two companies are on the same wavelength, both investing continuously in R & D.”

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