Titon jumps the Q

Titon has brought together its ultra-efficient powered ventilation products under one banner to make specification easy. 
The Titon Q Plus range, performance tested and certified by the BRE, allows the specific product performance to be used in SAP calculations via Appendix Q in place of the ventilation system default figures, allowing the exceptional performance benefits of Q Plus products to be reflected in the SAP and carbon emission ratings.
The SAP test calculates the energy consumed by a ventilation system, known as Specific Fan Power (SFP).  This is expressed in Watts per litre of air moved per second (W/l/s).  For heat recovery systems, the efficiency of the heat exchange is tested and this is expressed as a percentage of the heat returned to the incoming air. The current minimum requirements for a listing on the SAP Appendix Q website are a SFP of 0.8 W/l/s for continuous mechanical extract ventilation and 2 W/l/s for heat recovery systems.
Titon offers a range of SAP Appendix Q tested products including, Titon Q Plus WCME 100, Titon Q Plus WHR 180 and Titon Q Plus WHR 350.

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