Titon has launched the new multifunctional aura-tTM (HMB), a simple yet innovative touchscreen controller for programming, commissioning and occupancy control of the company’s range of HRV Q Plus HMB units. The HMB (Humidity Bypass) model complements the existing aura-tTM (B), ensuring there is a touchscreen control option available for all Titon MVHR systems.

The new controller allows for straightforward operation and adjustment of ventilation speeds, while benefitting from a backlit display and providing enhanced functionality when connected to a 2019 HMB model. With a ‘Plug and play’ technology option available, the aura-tTM (HMB) can also be fitted to any of Titon’s standard HMB MVHR units, via a socket on the terminal box of compatible models. Alternatively, post-2019 models have the option of having the aura-tTM (HMB) fitted on board to allow for easier access and control.

Pre-2019 models can be retrofitted by purchasing an upgrade kit, which is available from Titon’s online shop (www.titondirect.co.uk).

The aura-tTM (HMB) boasts a wealth of functions, including a digital four-speed switch with programmable speed settings, as well as internal MVHR humidity set point adjustment; the humidity sensor’s set point is variable from 30% RH (relative humidity) to 100% RH, all set via the touchscreen controller. In addition, units boast a filter change indicator, boost inhibit function and fan speed cloning (copying settings from one mode to another) capabilities – functions not previously available on other Titon MVHR controls.

For further information about Titon and its range of ventilation systems, please visit: www.titon.com/uk.


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